» » 25 Compost Records (2019)

25 Compost Records (2019)

25 Compost Records (2019)

Genre: Deep House, Electronic
Time: 04:50:52 Min
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Total Size: 668 MB

01. Beanfield, Roman Fluegel – Human Patterns (Roman Flügel Remix) 8:32
02. Ron Deacon – Bring It On (Original Mix) 6:53
03. I:Cube, A Forest Mighty Black – Fresh In My Mind (I:Cube Remix) 7:17
04. Ripperton, Marsmobil – It Doesn’t Matter How You Are (Ripperton Remix Instrumental) 7:27
05. Phil Mison, Siren, Mr. Reed – A/Way (with Mr. Reed) (Phil Mison Remix) 6:54
06. Ewan Pearson, Kasar, Tomasz Guiddo – Hide (feat. Kasar) (Ewan Pearson Extended Disco Remix) 7:53
07. Lorenz Rhode, Gerd Janson – Back (Gerd Janson Remix)6:47
08. Fauna Flash, Recondite – Tel Aviv (Recondite Remix)7:04
09. Joakim, Marbert Rocel – Dance Slow (Joakim’s Blood Moon Remix)7:32
10. Delano Smith, Shahrokh Sound Of K – Owl Flight (Delano Smith Remix)7:30
11. Truby Trio, Zenker Brothers – Galicia (Zenker Brothers Esotheric Remix)6:06
12. Like, Web Web – Land Of The Arum Flower (Like Remix)4:12
13. Glenn Underground, Emilie Nana – I Missed The Boat (Glenn Underground A Slave’s Disco Dance Remix)7:48
14. Corrado Bucci, Rainer Trueby, Kerem Akdag, TRUCCY – Sidestep (Kerem Akdag Remix)5:21
15. Liquid Phonk – Starwalk (Original Mix)11:14
16. Michael Reinboth, Tomasz Guiddo, Nirosta Steel – Go Back (with Nirosta Steel) (Michael Reinboth Remix)6:45
17. Michel Cleis, Web Web – Maroc Blues (Michel Cleis Remix)9:06
18. Francois K, Emilie Nana – I Rise (François K Synthapella Intro Mix)7:24
19. Beanfield, Ripperton, Bajka – Tides (feat. Bajka) (Ripperton Remix)10:01
20. Solomun – The Way Back (Original Mix)7:24
21. Marsmobil, C.O.W. 牛 – I Dont One Two (C.O.W. 牛 Remix)4:48
22. Alxndr London, TEE MANGO, C.O.W. 牛 – Glitch (feat. Alxndr London) (Tee Mango Remix)6:14
23. DJ Yellow, Flowers And Sea Creatures, Konstantin Sibold – No One Gets Left Behind (Konstantin Sibold Remix)6:50
24. Marsmobil, Die Orangen – Sometimes I Don’t Regret (Die Orangen Remix)9:45
25. Truby Trio, Spiller, Wunmi – Make A Move (feat. Wunmi) (Spiller Remix)6:54
26. Beanfield, Roman Fluegel – Human Patterns (Roman Flügel Alternative Remix)6:04
27. Alif Tree, Moodymann – Forgotten Places (Moodymann Remix)5:33
28. Beanfield, Web Web – Sandia (Beanfield Remix)7:16
29. Corrado Bucci, Rainer Trueby, Liquid Phonk, TRUCCY – Sidestep (Liquid Phonk Remix)9:04
30. Zwicker, Marbert Rocel, Heidi Happy – Who You Are (feat. Heidi Happy) (Marbert Rocel Remix)6:39
31. Lorenz Rhode, Purple Disco Machine – Back (Purple Disco Machine Remix)6:32
32. Mr Raoul K, Web Web – Land Of The Arum Flower (Mr. Raoul K Remix (feat. Lady Parul))10:01
33. Kai Alce, Corrado Bucci, Rainer Trueby, TRUCCY – Sidestep (Kai Alce Full Shuffle Remix)4:53
34. Claudio Coccoluto – Doin Our Best (Original Mix)6:17
35. Truby Trio, Lawrence – Universal Love (Lawrence Remix)6:44
36. Robert Owens, Boo Williams, Shahrokh Sound Of K – Perfect Stranger (feat. Robert Owens) (Boo Williams Chi Melodic Remix)6:44
37. DJ Yellow, Flowers And Sea Creatures, Mark E – Deep Into Neon (Mark E Deep House Feel Remix)6:57
38. Robert Owens, TJ Kong, Nuno Dos Santos – Merging (feat. Robert Owens) (Wild Glitch Dub)9:29
39. Ewan Pearson, Kasar, Tomasz Guiddo – Hide (feat. Kasar) (Ewan Pearson Extended Disco Remix Instrumental)7:54
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