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DMC 80s 90s Pop Monsterjam (2018)

Genres: VARIOUS COLLECTION / DMC 1-01-2020, 11:58 201

Genre: Electronic, Pop, Disco, Dance
Time: 02:41:31 Min
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Total Size: 369 MB

CD One
80s 90s Pop Monsterjam (Disc 1)
DJ Mix [Megamix] – Tom Newton

1-1 –SAW Roadblock
1-2 –SAW Pack Jammed
1-3 –France Gall Ella Elle La
1-4 –Princess After The Love Has Gone
1-5 –Princess The Heaven I Need
1-7 –3 Degrees This Is The House
1-8 –8th Wonder I’m Not Scared (PWL Mix)
1-9 –ABC The Night You Murdered Love (PWL Mix)
1-10 –Sonia Can’t Forget You
1-11 –Holly Johnson Americanos (PWL Mix)
1-12 –Rick Astley She Wants To Dance With Me
1-13 –Mandy Smith I Just Can’t Wait
1-14 –Jason Donovan Nothing Can Divide Us
1-15 –Kylie Minogue Hand On Your Heart
1-16 –Kylie Minogue Wouldn’t Change A Thing
1-17 –Laura Branigan Shattered Glass (PWL Mix)
1-18 –Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up
1-19 –Scarlet Fantastic No Memory
1-20 –Mel & Kim F.L.M.
1-21 –Mel & Kim That’s The Way It Is
1-22 –Rick Astley My Arms Keep Missing You
1-23 –Donna Summer I Don’t Want To Get Hurt
1-24 –London Boys Requiem
1-25 –Matt Bianco Wap Bam Boogie (PWL Mix)
1-26 –Four Tops Reach Out (PWL Mix)
1-27 –Diana Ross Love Hangover (PWL Mix)
1-28 –Jack E Makossa Opera House (Sample)
1-29 –Chic Jack Le Freak (Pwl Mix)
1-30 –Mel & Kim Showing Out

CD Two
80s 90s Pop Monsterjam (Disc 2)
DJ Mix [Megamix] – Tom Newton

2-1 –Bananarama I Can’t Help It
2-2 –Kylie Minogue Got To Be Certain
2-3 –London Boys London Nights
2-4 –Hazell Dean Maybe (We Should Call It A Day)
2-5 –Kylie Minogue Better The Devil You Know
2-6 –Sam Fox Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now
2-7 –Erasure Oh L’amour (PWL Mix)
2-8 –Sandra Everlasting Love (PWL Mix)
2-9 –Jason Donovan Hang On To Your Love
2-10 –Mel & Kim Respectable
2-11 –Kool & The Gang Celebration (PWL Mix)
2-12 –Sinitta Love On A Mountain Top
2-13 –Sinitta Toy Boy
2-14 –Princess I’ll Keep On Loving You
2-15 –Bananarama Love, Truth & Honesty
2-16 –Jakie Quartz A Le Vie, A L’amour
2-17 –Rick Astley Whenever You Need Somebody
2-18 –Rick Astley Take Me To Your Heart
2-19 –Sonia Counting Every Minute
2-20 –Jason Donovan RSVP
2-21 –Bananarama I Heard A Rumour
2-22 –Big Fun Can’t Shake The Feeling
2-23 –Kylie Minogue What Do I Have To Do
2-24 –Jason Donovan When You Come Back To Me
2-25 –Depeche Mode Strange Love (PWL Mix)
2-26 –Bananarama Venus
2-27 –Jason Donovan Every Day (I Love You More)
2-28 –Hazell Dean Turn It In To Love

CD Three
80s 90s Pop Monsterjam (Disc 3)
DJ Mix [Megamix] – Tom Newton

3-1 –Pet Shop Boys Always On My Mind (PWL Mix)
3-2 –SAW SS Paparazzi
3-3 –Reynolds Girls I’d Rather Jack
3-4 –E.G. Daily Mind Over Matter
3-5 –Jason Donovan Too Many Broken Hearts
3-6 –Bananarama I Want You Back
3-7 –Lonnie Gordon Happening All Over Again
3-8 –Big Fun Handful Of Promises
3-9 –Rick Astley Together Forever
3-10 –Kylie Minogue I Should Be So Lucky
3-11 –Big Fun Blame It On The Boogie
3-12 –Dead Or Alive Lover Come Back To Me
3-13 –Kylie Minogue What Kind Of Fool
3-14 –Hazell Dean Who’s Leaving Who
3-15 –Sinitta GTO (Sample)
3-16 –Sinitta I Don’t Believe In Miracles
3-17 –Steps Tragedy
3-18 –Sonia Listen To Your Heart
3-19 –Cliff Richard I Just Don’t Have The Heart
3-20 –Brother Beyond He Ain’t No Competition
3-21 –Kylie Minogue Step Back In Time
3-22 –Kylie Minogue Shocked
3-23 –Sybil Love I Lost
3-24 –Dead Or Alive My Heart Goes Bang
3-25 –Desireless Voyage Voyage
3-26 –Brother Beyond Can You Keep A Secret
3-27 –Sonia You’ll Never Stop Me From Loving You
3-28 –Donna Summer Love’s About To Change
3-29 –Pepsi & Shirlie Heartache
3-30 –Donna Summer This Time I Know It’s For Real
3-31 –Dead Or Alive You Spin Round (Like A Record)
3-32 –Rofo Roof’s Theme (PWL Mix)
3-33 –Divine You Think You’re A Man
3-34 –E.G. Daily Love In The Shadows
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